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TV Commercial
Our "Drink" TV spot ran on local Miami television. The animated spot promotes Coco Lopez Fruit Juices within a sports theme and ends with "Taste The Tropics". The ad also ran in Pro Player Stadium during the 1997 World Series, as well as Miami Dolphins football games. You can download the QuickTime movie and see the spot here (1.2 MB).

Radio Spots
Radio spots promoting Coco Lopez Fruit Juices and Coco Lopez Mixes to be appearing at this site in the very near future. Stand by!

Coco Lopez Jingle
It's hot! It's cool! It's hip! It's juicy! It's the official Coco Lopez juice jingle! If our juice could talk, (and sing, and play instruments, and write music, and produce it in a studio, and record it on tapes and CDs), this is what it would sound like!

Coco Lopez supports all its products with a wide varitey of promotional material including everything from coasters to recipe cards, brochures to table tents...and much more! Check out some of our cool printed material.
Coco Lopez staged 8 mini radio remotes on WXDJ-FM in the Miami market. During the summer and early fall of 1997, tasting events took place at Sedano's Supermarkets and aired  live on the program  "Zol y Cafe".
Our Adorable mascot, "Coco" the parrot, made an appearance at the Pro Player Stadium on October 5, 1997. Coco interacted with fans before the game, passing out coupons and shaking a lot of hands. He stayed throughout the game, as well, to get the fans pumped up. Way to go Coco!
When in Florida do as the Floridians! Loosely translated, this means stop in a Mobil gas station and pick up a Coco Lopez Smoothie. This non-alcoholic beverage introduced just one of the many drink recipes made with Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut.

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